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3 I am here..i always was!

I am here..i always was!!
(Αναδημοσιευση απο το windows live)

If one day you feel like crying,
call me.
I dont promise that I will make you laugh,
but I can cry with you.
If one day you want to run away,
dont be afraid to call me.
I dont promise to ask you to stop,
but I can run with you.
If one day you dont want to listen to anyone,
call me.
I promise to be there for you,
but also promise to remain quiet.
But one day if you call,and there is no anwser,
come fast to see me... maybe I need you!

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dREAMs είπε...

I promise to be there 4u2 ...!!!!!!!and silently......Τεοοοοοοο αντε be here!!!!!!Mια ομορφη Κυριακη να εχεις ευαισθητουλικο μου.....στελνω φιλια απο τη μια ακρ στην αλλη!!!!!!

Lady Grace είπε...

Theo this is lovely! ...and in English, too. =) I read this before but it is always good to read it again. Thank you... and have a great day! =)

maria είπε...

καλησπερα theo.......πολυ ωραιο κομματι....ειναι πολυ δυσκολο πιστευω να βρεις εναν τετοιο πραγματικο φιλο με ολη τη σημασια της λεξης στις μερες μας...........καλο βραδυ και καλο ξημερωμα να εχεις........ :)))) να\'σαι παντα καλα......

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